Although I have always loved to draw, my journey into highly-realistic drawings began 2017. I most enjoy drawing flowers and food, as I am fascinated with all the details that one can find upon close inspection. I have always liked to get up close and personal with art. I like to see the artists brush/pencil strokes, or examine the style/details. With my miniature art, I aim to encourage viewers to do the same, while also blurring the line between two and three dimensions. I would like observers of my artwork to feel as if they are viewing something so real, that if they reached out and touched it, it would be a three-dimensional object. Thus, the miniatures I create focus on obtaining the highest detail possible, and drawing the viewer in for an up-close examination of the artwork.


Honorable Mention - Ann Kullber’s COLOR Magazine Member Show - I Donut Like Sprinkles

Colored Pencil Treasures Volume VI - Salty Snacks: Chocolate Blueberries

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